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Deet Insect Repellents
Lotion & Spray

Mosquitoes and Ticks

Picaridin Repellents
Lotion & Spray

Plus Biting Flies

Permethrin Sprays
Clothing Treatment

Treats clothes for 6 weeks

Deet Insect Repellents

Picaridin Insect Repellents

Permethrin for Clothing



Portable Water Filters & Water Purifiers



Sawyer Mini Filters
Award winning 0.1 micron Water
Filter weighs only two ounces

Foam Water Filters
Choose your own level of
Water Filtration/Purification

Water Treatment
Gravity Filters,
All-In-One Filters

Water Filters & Purifiers


Insect Repellents
Deet, Picaridin & Permethrin

Prevent West Nile  & Zika Viruses, tick fever, malaria and other insect spread diseases. Deet and Picaridin for the skin, Permethrin for clothing, gear and netting. Insect repellents provide very effective bite and sting prevention! The combination of Deet on skin and Permethrin treated clothing has proven to be almost 100% effective against mosquito and tick bites.

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Bite and Sting Venom
Removal - The Extractor

Removes venom and poison when you are bitten.
The Extractor Pump for snake bites, insect or arachnid
bites and stings, and more!
*Over 30 Million Sold!*
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Bites and Stings - Prevention & Treatment
Mosquito Bites, Tick Bites, Insect Bites, Snake Bites,
Bee/Wasp Stings, Scorpion Stings, Spider Bites and more


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