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Deet Plus Lotion &
Broad Spectrum Spray
Deet plus fly repellent

Water Filter Bucket Adapter Kits
Safe Water Anywhere

Permethrin 24oz Spray
Clothing Treatment
Treats clothes for 6 weeks

Broad Spectrum Repellent

Water Filters/Purifiers

Repellent for Clothing/Gear



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MaxiDeet 100% Deet

Ultra 30 with Liposome

4-Way Water Filter
For use with 34oz Bottle, Hydration Packs, Camp Bags and Faucets.

Extractor Kit
Removes venom from
Bites and Stings

Repellent for the Skin

Water Filters/Purifiers

Bites and Stings


Insect Repellents - Deet, Picaridin & Permethrin
Prevent West Nile Virus, tick fever, malaria and other insect spread diseases. Deet and Picaridin for skin, Composite Repellents for biting flies, Permethrin for clothing, gear and netting. Insect repellents provide very effective bite and sting prevention! The combination of Deet on skin and Permethrin treated clothing has proven to be almost 100% effective against mosquito and tick bites.

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Bite and Sting Venom
Removal - The Extractor

Removes venom and poison when you are bitten.
The Extractor Pump for snake bites, insect or arachnid
bites and stings, and more!
Learn how to prevent and treat bites and stings
*Over 27 Million Sold!*
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Stayput Sunblocks

First Aid Kits

Survival Aids

Candles & Light Sticks

Mosquito Sticks & Coils

Campfire & Cooking


Bites and Stings - Prevention & Treatment
Of Mosquito Bites, Tick Bites, Insect Bites, Snake Bites,
Bee/Wasp Stings, Scorpion Stings, Spider Bites and more


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