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Tips To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bite prevention consists of two parts -- habitat control and personal protection.

Mosquito Bites - Prevention

* Remove stagnant pools of water near your home, including old tires or disposable containers which may hold water. Mosquitoes breed in water.

* If traveling abroad, use mosquito nets treated with Permethrin around your bed.

* Even in a well-screened house, when traveling in areas of mosquito-borne diseases, use a flying insect killer spray to rid your sleeping area of these dangerous insects. Use the spray about an hour before you retire, to give it time to be effective.

* Outdoors, use a Deet Insect Repellent on your skin, and Permethrin Insecticide on your clothing. This combination has been proven to be very effective in preventing mosquito bites.

* Deet is the most effective mosquito repellent. It works by masking the telltale odors of carbon dioxide and lactic acid given off by the body, and by confusing the homing insect at close range. When spread evenly on the skin surface, Deet does not need to be present in large amounts to be effective.

For mosquitoes, we recommend:

A time-release DEET insect repellent for skin use. Encapsulated formulas give long lasting effective protection against mosquitoes, with lower DEET concentrations (and lower skin absorption) than traditional repellents.

2) Permethrin treated clothing can kill mosquitoes which come into contact with it for several weeks. Permethrin is non-staining and odorless after application and is available in aerosol, non-aerosol or soak formulas.


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