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Scorpion Sting
Treatment and Prevention


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Scorpion Sting Treatment

  • Try to draw out the venom immediately with the Extractor Pump. Clean area with soap and water or alcohol pad provided after venom is removed.
  • Cooling the wound allows the body to more easily break down the molecular structure of the venom. Cooling also reduces pain. Use a little ice or cool running water if available. We do not recommend the use of cold compresses unless administered by a physician, due to the risk of frostbite or tissue damage from misapplication or over-application.
  • On a warm night, a cool wet compress will help.
  • Keep the victim calm and still. Panic and activity speed up the venom's spread.

Scorpion Sting Prevention

  • Be aware of where scorpions hide. As they are nocturnal, during the day they hide in burrows or under stones or rocks outdoors, and frequent basements, closets and other dark quiet places indoors. They have poor sight, and locate their prey by vibrations.
  • As most scorpions are ground dwellers, wear hiking boots or full leather shoes outdoors. Do not go barefoot or wear open toed sandals in areas of scorpion infestation.


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